Thursday, October 1, 2009



I have chosen a winner & one of my children helped me decide! Everyone submited some great ideas! Drum roll please........

The winner is.......Mangocheeks!

Here is what she submitted!

Hi Jenn,

I was going to share this idea with yourself and your readers a little while ago, but did not get round to submitting it, but the temptation of getting a book - well how can I resist, it would be a bonus.


This is a picture of the recycled item! (I borrowed the pic from her blog)

Sadly this idea is not mine. One of my fellow veg growers at the allotment made this dog out of recycled wellies inspired by one he saw exhibited at a Glasgow Musuem. Check out the link to my blog.

I think you and your readers will adore Welly woof woof. If you or anyone you know has access to a number of wellies (those that children have outgrown) this recycled piece would be loved by all who see it.

I will write about your contest on my blog before this week is out.
She has a wonderful blog all about her gardening plot and makes some delicious food. She also pots pictures of her country. Its like a vacation to visit her blog and I never have to leave home! She was even nice enough to post my contest on her blog!
My goal now is to recrate this adorable little pup for my own garden. My take me some time to come up with some good ol' rubber boots!

Congratulations Mangocheeks!
Email me at so I know where to mail your Recycled Book!

Monday, September 28, 2009

~Eco Monday~

Buckets (5-Gallon)

Use as an upside down Tomato planter (like topsy turvey)

Fill partially with soap and water and use when washing your car.

Use as a garbage can for the basement or garage.

Use when picking apples, pears, etc.

Use for storage of items when camping (it is semi animal-proof). Be sure to secure the lid.

Put a chair pad on to and use it as a seat.

Use as a muck bucket for horses.

Use for collection when weeding the garden. When the bucket is full, transfer the weeds to a compost pile.

Use as flower outdoor flower pots.

Fill clean buckets with water for your dogs when they are outside in the summer. When the water gets dirty, use it to water the plants.
Use as a chicken feeder. Drill holes in bottom of bucket so food can fall out. Place bucket on large old shallow bowl. Fill  bucket as needed, secure lid when food is in bucket.