Thursday, August 20, 2009

~Trundle Bed Frame Pumpkin Trellis~

I had this extra metal trundle bed under my sons bed! It had no matress and was taking up space. Instead of taking it to the dump, I decided to use it in my Garden as a trellis! So I cleared a space in an exsisting raised garden bed and got to work. I secured the trellis to the chain link fence with strong wire ties. Once that was done, I had to decide what to grow. Ive seen people grow Pumpkins up, so I thought I would give it a try.
Here is the Pumpkins I started from seed. Here they are to the right a few weeks later. As they started to grow into my yard, I took the vines and weaved them in and around the trellis.
Here's what it looks like now. As the pumkins grow they will hang and be perfectly round. Great for carving and making Pumpkin pie.
Here's my first pumpkin! I have a few more that are starting to grow.
Happy Recycling!

~Bicycle tubes in the Garden~

My family loves to ride bikes! We go to the store the park or just ride around. With 6 bikes, theres always a tire to repair. Dont dispair! I have a way to recycle those old tubes.

I cut them into pieces and make multiple sizes for many differnt uses. Then I rinse them off with a little soap and water.

Here is a great idea for use. I used them to tie around my tomato cage and attach to a wooden stake
for support.

Or you can use them to tie fencing to wooden posts in your garden. Store your left over tire tube ties for future uses. Im sure you can come up with many other uses for your tire tube ties! Say that real fast 3 times!
Happy Recycling!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

~Recycling a box spring~

A had this box spring from a bed and i used every piece of it! None of it will end up in a landfill. How awesome is that. Im lowering my carbon foot print any way I can! So I had my most awesome hubby tear it apart for me. I used all the wood from the box spring to make wood stakes for my tomatos and pepper plant. Gave me 18 stakes. I used the metal wire mesh and hung it on my fence to use as a trellis for my jasmine so it will grow sideways along the back of my fence! How awesome is that. then I took the springs and buying some metal stakes or dowels and welding the springs on the the metal posts and make candle holders for around my garden. So I can light them outside for a warm glowing feel on summer nights. Im also making them to hold soda cans next to my lawn chairs, so the cans dont have to sit in the ground and get bugs inside them. Still thinking of a few extra ideas to use them for. When im done making them I will post some pics. Last but not least the fabric that was on the box spring, i cut into squares and washed them and donated them to the SPCA for the animals to lay on as bedding! All that was left of the box spring were nails. So i used the nails to hammer the wire mesh from the box spring to the fence and then saved the rest. Do your part to reduce your footprint.

Happy Recycling!