Wednesday, August 19, 2009

~Recycling a box spring~

A had this box spring from a bed and i used every piece of it! None of it will end up in a landfill. How awesome is that. Im lowering my carbon foot print any way I can! So I had my most awesome hubby tear it apart for me. I used all the wood from the box spring to make wood stakes for my tomatos and pepper plant. Gave me 18 stakes. I used the metal wire mesh and hung it on my fence to use as a trellis for my jasmine so it will grow sideways along the back of my fence! How awesome is that. then I took the springs and buying some metal stakes or dowels and welding the springs on the the metal posts and make candle holders for around my garden. So I can light them outside for a warm glowing feel on summer nights. Im also making them to hold soda cans next to my lawn chairs, so the cans dont have to sit in the ground and get bugs inside them. Still thinking of a few extra ideas to use them for. When im done making them I will post some pics. Last but not least the fabric that was on the box spring, i cut into squares and washed them and donated them to the SPCA for the animals to lay on as bedding! All that was left of the box spring were nails. So i used the nails to hammer the wire mesh from the box spring to the fence and then saved the rest. Do your part to reduce your footprint.

Happy Recycling!

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  1. Neat! I am trying to recycle things too, but haven't had any cool garden salvage lately. Way to reuse that stuff. Your garden is so interesting. I will take some pics at my Master Gardener friend's house soon, she reuses stuff like you do in cool ways. Very cool!