Monday, March 15, 2010

~Eco Monday~

My latest garden idea has turned out well!
I have been searching out large tree branches and small ones as as well.
Why you ask? To make a Garden Fence of course.
 I wanted a more natural fence. A fence that looked like it was always there.

The new tree branch fence will serve dual purposes.
Purpose number one, keep the dog out!  Purpose number two to grow multiple beans, Nasturtiums, and Morning Glorys. A natural trellis!

Here are a few pictures of ways to re-use branches/tree limbs in your yard!

This is the enterance! Im hoping to grow Nastritums and Morning Glorys as a trells entry way!
I also plan on painting that wall of the shed and painting some Sunflowers to add a little pop. There will also be a small table and chairs, so I can watch my garden grow!

Here is one of the sides of the fence!

Here is another angle.

Another side! Tomatos will mostly grow in the area with Nasturtiums!

A basic view of the summer garden! As time goes by, I will be adding more sticks to fill in areas a little more.
This is just what I have so far. I will also be building some trellis for Cucumbers as well!

Happy Recycling!