Monday, September 7, 2009

~ Eco Monday ~

Why Recycle?

Batteries power many parts of our lives from our mobile phones all the way to our hybrid automobiles. Responsibly recycling these batteries saves natural resources and protects human health through reuse of reclaimed materials and by keeping heavy metals out of landfills and water supplies.
Most Radiology departments in hospitals now a days have little bins to recycle them in.
There are many great web sites that have kits. These kits give you great information and help you get started.
Heres a great place to check out!
Its very easy to do! Check your local listings for places near you. If you have school aged children get them involved too. Have them start a Battery drive at school. Its great for the enviroment!
Also, invest in rechargable batteries, its not as expensive as you may think. Honestly you are saving money in the long run!
Heres a link for Residental homes!  They will send you a kit to get started and the shipping is free! So sign up now!
Happy Recycling!

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