Monday, August 24, 2009

~Dressing The Vegtable Garden~

What to do with those old dressers that fall apart. Make use of them , put them in your garden! They add a little decor and its an instant raised garden bed. Best part, all it cost you was the dirt and seed you had to add. I took the backing off the dresser. I then laid it flat on the part that would be against the wall. Filled it up with compost and soil. I then added Radish seeds and Carrot seeds to my new raised dresser garden bed. Then It was time to make use of the dresser Drawers. I turned them into my mini herb garden.I drilled holes into the bottom for drainage. I then added some brick underneath to raise them off the ground & filled them with compost and soil. I then sowed the seeds. I grew baby spinach, cilantro,parsley and scallions.Then I decorated the area to give it my own flair. It was very cute on my back patio.It made a dull space come to life. Get creative! Livin up your garden.
Happy Recycling!

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