Monday, August 24, 2009

~Recycled Futon Frame~

What do you do when the cushions on your futon are all worn out! You get rid of the uncomfortable cushions and you use the metal frame pieces in your garden! At least, thats what I did. I took 2 pieces of the frame and made an "A" frame structure from them. I stuck the metal ends deep into the dirt for support and tied them up with some gardening metal ties.
I am currently using them to grow my Cucumbers. As the vines grow longer I tie them in differnt places to the "A" frame.
Its turned out to be a great support for my Cucumbers! I was able to make 2 "A" frames from the metal of the futon.I Donated the foam cushions to our local vet. No waste from the broken down futon! 1 less thing in our local landfill. I will have these frames for many years! They make great supports! Wonder what I will use them for next year!
Happy Recycling!

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  1. Love this idea!

    Nice idea for the blog too. I'm all about using reclaimed items.