Monday, September 7, 2009

The new Chicken Condo!

My new Chicken Condo is finally done! Im happy to report, my chickens love their new home! Everything used in their new home is stuff I picked up in junk piles or stuff I already had!
This is an old cabinet that was sitting in our backyard not being used. I had my wonderful hubby cut part of the back out. This way the chickens could use the shelves to nest on and sleep. I even had him give them a little ramp, so they could get up and down easily. On the other side is a door that latches. This gives me easy access to eggs and to change the hay out periodicly.
Heres a little bit of the progress my son and hubby made. They made a frame using wood from old wood 
pallets. They also re-used pieces of wood from the old coop too. Are chicken coop has a shaded area and a sun roof area. This way they have more sun to bask in, yet they still have shade when they want it!
We also have an old metal ladder inside that was givin to us (its not sturdy enough for people use) So it became part of the frame. Which is great for the chickens! Each end of the ladder has places they can perch on, one side in shade the other in sunshine. We also have a long branch in the middle for them to perch on as well. We have a green plastic mesh that went around my garden for the roof! This is temporary! Some time this week im getting some free chicken wire from a friend. So the chicken wire will replace the plastic mesh. There chicken area is about 14 feet long & 6 feet wide. Lots of room.
Here they are enjoying there new space! They got a special snack of Crab Apples filled with worms.
Heres all my babies! They will still get there 5-6 hours of release in the backyard daily. But, in our area they have to be in a coop at night!
As you can see, you can make many things by re-using what you have on hand!
Happy Recycling!

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  1. Very nice post. Love your chickens and their new home. Well done for recycling so much and so creatively.