Monday, November 2, 2009

~Eco Monday~


It is that time of year when Pumpkins are in full force and are everywhere! What will you do with them once they are gutted and made into jack o' lanterns?

Roasting the seeds is a great nutriotional option!
Drying the seeds for next years harvest!
Using the flesh on the inside to make Bread, Cakes, Pie, Muffins and Biscotti!
Decoration for the house, centerpieces for the kitchen table!
Making pumpkin soup using the whole squash!
Mini pumpkins make great candle holders, cut off the stem, make a small hole in the top and place a tealight.

The best part is using whats left in your compost!
By the time you are finished with your pumpkins and following these many ideas, you should have nothing going in to the landfill. Another great way of lowering your carbon footprint!

Happy Recycling!!!


  1. I've never seen a jack-o-lantern vomiting its own innards. Nice touch! Do I show this to my family, or hold onto the idea until next year and then really gross them out?

  2. I would hold on to it and gross em out, lol!