Saturday, January 30, 2010

When Tents go bad.....

 Hi friends! Its a new year! I havent posted too much in the way of Recycling lately! But I have some great things I am working on! Today as my family and I are cleaning our backyard, I stumbled upon something that needed recycling!

During the summer my lil one set up a little one man tent. The rain and the elements destroyed most of it! I was able to save pieces from the tent for future use!

Here you see the tent poles and the tarp! The tarp is from the bottom of the tent. It was still in really good shape! My husband helped me cut off the remainder of the mesh and plastic from the tent.

Heres are B.B.Q. as you can see its getting rained on! But now we have made a cover out of the Recycled materials from our old tent!

We decided to use the tarp as a new cover for our B.B.Q./Smoker! This way it wont rust if we have to leave it out in the rain! Other uses could be cover for animals in the winter that stay outside! We use differnt tarps to cover our Rabbit cages and parts of our Chicken coop so they have extra shelter and warmth.

The tent poles will be a great use to make a mini green house for winter gardening or to start seedlings in the spring!. All I have to do now is get a hold of some clear plastic to complete the project. You could also cut the poles down and make garden stakes. Garden stakes are great for supporting your veggie plants!

I plan on reinforcing the tent poles with wood bases so the wind wont blow them out of the ground!
As soon as I find some clear thick plastic, I will complets my Mini Green house. I will post pics when I finish!

Happy Recycling!!!

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  1. Those are really good ideas! I will have to poke through my stuff after I move and see what I can use out in the yard. Very cool.