Monday, March 1, 2010

~Eco Monday~

Hello Recycling Friends!

It has been a while since I have posted! I have not forgotten about Recycling I promise!
I have been super busy kicking off the early garden season! I have been busy getting Onions and Garlic in the ground along with some Root Veggies and some lettuce!

As I start seedlings indoors under grow lights, I am always looking for containers to use for that purpose!
Here are a few containers I have saved here and there! Also I have a couple of ideas to show you to make a mini green house for seedlings!

Here are a few containers I saved! One of these plastic containers contained muffins. I have started Tomatos in that container! The muffin slots are big enough to get the Tomato Plants going untill I transplant to a bigger container!

I also started some seedlings in eggshells! Make sure you rinse out the eggshells. I planted Garlic Chives in those. Once I transplant the chives in the garden, the egg shell can go with them. I will crush the eggshell around the plant and just pop it into the ground!

I also use Mayonaise jars as mini greenhouses to get seeds to germinate! I wrap the seeds in a damp paper towel. I then stick the paper towel in the jar and close the lid. I place the jar under a heat lamp with my other seedlings until it germinates and then transplant into a larger container with seed start!

I also use the lettuce containers as mini green houses! They have a pretty sturdy bottom and come with a lid! I have started Lettuce seeds in this container. When my heat lamp isnt on I put the lid on to retain moisture!

I also use other plastic containers such as these.

They have grooves in the bottom to collect any extra water! I am growing Broccoli and Hansel Eggplant seed starts in this one!

Happy Recycling!!!

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  1. Love the egg shell idea, Jenn. I never thought to keep them intact, I automatically crush them. Pure genius.