Monday, April 19, 2010

~Eco Monday~

My Eco Monday post is all about Free Seeds! As most of us know April 22 is Earth Day! Today as I was shopping at my local Home Depot, I stumbled upun a Free Seeds sign. I know I know, you are thinking I have way too many! I believe you can never have too many seeds!

Here is the sign that sucked me in! Buy 1 packet of seeds and get one free of equal or lesser value.
My lil one loves to get the veggie tale seeds. Since she wasnt with me, I got what I wanted!

Here is some of the seeds I checked out. They didnt have a lot left! I spent about an hour deciding what I wanted!

Here is what I ended up getting!

Bunching Onions
Asparagus long beans (which I never heard of)

Happy Earth Day my friends!