Thursday, April 8, 2010

Recycling Cardboard Containers

Lately, I have been looking for containers to transplant my seedlings in. This year I used the mini greenhouses with the little hard puck that expand when you add water! I had great success using them. My delima was what to transplant those seed starts into once they were ready to go to the next size. Honestly, it's just not warm enough to put alot of things in the ground yet!

This is where my awesome hubby steps in. A hospital he worked in a few years back, changed the containers they used for differnt specimens. My hubby knew I would find some use for them and brought them home. I gave some away and kept some for myself. I finally found a use for them!

The containers are white with a purple and blue design. Each container has a lid. I use the lid to catch water overflow.

I used alot of them to transplant tomatos. This way my tomatos can fill out a little bit more and get more of a root system before I add them to my raised beds outside.

I also started multiple Herbs using these containers. As you can see, I recycle popsicle sticks too as markers in my containers. This way I remeber what I am growing!

More Herbs! I love Herbs for cooking!

These are the lids I am using, to collect water under other containers of seeds I am growing!

I have also been collecting those ugly scalloped bricks from dump piles, to make sections in my garden. This helps me keep some things seperate. Its not very pretty, but it works for me! This is my lil one preparing the Pak Choi area!

More of those lovely bricks! As you see in the background, I have dresser drawers , raised beds i made from old dressers and old tent poles. I planted some Nasturtiums around the tent poles. Soon they should be climbing up the poles and making pretty arches over the garden.

Here is part of a dresser drawer that I am growing some Peas in!

I made a small raised bed out of a pile of old white fencing someone threw away. I decided to grow some radishes in this section of the once white picket fence.

Another way of me doing my part to keep usable things out of the landfills. You never know what treasures you may find!

Happy Garden Recycling!

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  1. I can't help it - I just love the drawer planters!