Monday, May 24, 2010

~Eco Monday~


This Eco Monday I thought I would tell you about a couple of things I use as mulch!

When gardening its always nice to use mulch on your plants and veggies! Mulch helps to retain the water on extreamly hot days. Mulch will help to keep the water from evaporating to fast.

This weekend we did a large project using old wooden fences. You can see what I did with the fences on my other blog! Jenn's Gardening Spot / Cooking Garden With all the cutting of the wood, we ended up with a bucket of sawdust.

I used the sawdust around my pepper plants. I had enough to mulch about 23 plants.
 Sawdust added to your soil will improve the texture of heavy soils.

Here is a row of peppers that have recieved the sawdust as mulch.

Another thing I use as mulch are nut shells. Im using almond shells as mulch for my Black Krim Tomato's.
It adds texture to the area. Making it pleasing to my eye!

Im also hoping by using the shells as mulch will help control the crab grass that loves my garden. As the person who has to pull that crabgrass, I will try anything to keep it at bay.

What are some things you use as Mulch?

Happy Mulching!!!

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  1. Our property was an almond orchard in the dim and distant past, and although the remaining trees are old, they produce quite a few nuts. I'm too lazy to harvest and shell them all, but I could easily rake them up for mulch. What a clever idea!